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Driving Sustainability, Profitability and Innovation for Your Business

Susneo's Product Innovation stands at the confluence of the three pivotal pillars of sustainability: energy, carbon, and climate. We're not just about data; we're about driving meaningful change. Partner with us and steer your enterprise towards a greener future with confidence and precision.

Our modules are expertly crafted to pinpoint and realize significant cost and carbon savings. On average, businesses experience a remarkable 30% reduction in costs with our solutions. Moreover, thanks to our fully automated data input system and the market-leading speed of transforming data into insights, you are assured a high return on investment (ROI). This swift and efficient onboarding process ensures that your business not only saves money but also accelerates towards a more sustainable and profitable future

Susneo Energy | Carbon | Climate

Susneo's Advanced Modules: Precision Insights in Energy, Carbon, and Climate

At the heart of our Technology Product lies the GeoCube A.I and S-index, powerful tools designed to meet a broad range of needs. However, we understand that some clients require deeper insights and more extensive data analytics in specific areas: energy, carbon, and climate. To cater to these specialized demands, we proudly offer our Energy, Carbon and Climate Advanced Modules. Each module is meticulously tailored to deliver comprehensive analytics and insights in its respective field, ensuring that our clients have all the necessary resources to make informed decisions and achieve their objectives effectively.


Susneo Advanced Modules

Energy - Manage, Connect, Analyse, Forecast

A comprehensive Energy Management Systems enhanced by predictive analytics and AI, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

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Carbon : Automated Scope 1 – 3 Reporting

Our carbon footprinting solutions are fully compliant with GHG (Greenhouse Gas) and Defra regulations on a global scale. We include UK market Scope 3 emissions within our core offerings.

Susneo Energy Management Panel
Susneo Energy Planning Panel
Susneo GHG scope 1-3 Reporting Panel
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Susneo Carbon Charts Panel
Susneo Summary Panels
Susneo Climate Risk Panel
Susneo Climate Drivers Panel

Climate – Drivers & Risks

Predict future costs and consumption aligned with climate trends, while proactively identifying and monitoring climate-related risks, both within your operations and throughout your supply chain.

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