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Sustainability, made easy.

Helping you reduce energy costs, transition to green energy, measure climate risk and manage your carbon.

We help you reduce utility & energy consumption, transition to green energy, measure climate risk and become carbon neutral.​


Susneo A.I and Indexes track your journey, providing your business with metrics, reports and insights that measure progress and ROI at each step on the journey.

We know Sustainability is hard, that's why we make it easy.

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  •  Predict Consumption

  •  IoT Enabled

  •  Alert Management

  •  All meter types

  •  API services

  •  Anomoly Detection

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  •  Carbon Calculator.

  •  Full GHG Scope 1- 3   compliance.

  •  Create and sell Carbon   Credits.

  •  Buy and Trade Offsets.

  •  Complete Carbon   reporting.

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  •  Predict energy and carbon changes.

  •  Live environmental risk   mapping and alerts.

  •  Find climate risk hot-   spots in buildings, land   and supply chains.

  •  Create carbon credits to   increase positive climate   impact.

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Building a sustainable future, today.

We believe that becoming a sustainable business is about more than ESG or becoming carbon neutral.

We believe that all factors from energy and water to the environment need to be in one single product, in one single workflow.

We believe in removing the need of multiple vendors and multiple technologies with high adoption costs to know your first and next best step.

We believe in connecting all enterprise data and contextualising it with millions of data points from sensors and satellites across the world to build indexes and forecasts that measure progress, cost and impact each step of the way.

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