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Sustainability is hard.

Susneos' purpose is to make it easy.


We believe that becoming a sustainable business is about more than ESG or becoming carbon neutral.


We believe that all factors from energy and water to the environment need to be in one single product, in one single workflow.

We believe in removing the need of multiple vendors and multiple technologies with high adoption costs to know your first and next best step.

We believe in connecting all enterprise data and contextualising it with millions of data points from sensors and satellites across the world to build indexes and forecasts that measure progress, cost and impact each step of the way.

Our Journey


  • Founded as a climate technology company focused on quantifying the negative impacts of climate change on business.

  • We commit the next 2  years to R&D and Science.

  • Recognised as a High-Performance Start-Up by Enterprise Ireland

  • Granted Innovation Research funding to build our A.I and models

  • Selected as the technology partner to the Department of Business and Enterprise 2030 De-Carbonisation Plan

  • Final Round Winners of the 2020 European Climate KIC Fund

  • Winner of a 2021 Covid Innovation prize demonstration of how our data models can be used to measure the spread of Covid

  • Begin Commercial testing of our MVP technology


  • Market launch with a focus on sustainability using our energy, carbon and climate models.

  • Susneo Technology 2.0 complete.

  • Go-to-Market in Ireland & Europe, adding new clients and business premises weekly.

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