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Sustainability, Simplified
A Net-Zero Tomorrow, Today

Save Costs, transition to Renewables, measure Climate Risks and manage Carbon & ESG Compliance.

The Susneo Platform, driven by the cutting-edge technology of Susneo Data Engines, GeoCube A.I., and the S-Index, seamlessly integrates an array of vital and highly customizable sustainability metrics.

Our platform excels in delivering these metrics with unparalleled speed and precision,

setting us apart as the foremost solution in the market.

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Building a Sustainable Legacy, Today.

We hold a firm belief that sustainability transcends merely ESG or carbon neutrality.

We envision an all-encompassing solution, converging energy, water, and environmental facets into a singular, streamlined product and workflow. We advocate for eliminating the dependency on multiple vendors and assorted technologies with steep adoption curves, ensuring you know your first and next best step towards sustainability.

We champion the integration of all enterprise data, contextualized with millions of global data points from sensors and satellites, crafting indexes and forecasts that depict progress, cost, and impact at every juncture.

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The challenge

Sustainability can be hard, we make it easy.
Businesses face 3 key challenges: understanding how to measure sustainability, knowing where to begin, and making a compelling investment case.

At Susneo, we adopt a data-first approach. Our primary goal is to help businesses tackle their most significant hurdle – gaining a comprehensive understanding of their current sustainability score. Using Susneo technologies, we compute a tailored set of metrics, crafting a unique S-Index specifically designed for your business, providing valuable insights and paving the way for your first and next best actions.

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Mission & Purpose

We empower you to reduce utility and energy expenditures, seamlessly transition to renewable green energy, meticulously evaluate climate risks and achieve carbon neutrality.

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Data Engines

Fast, Accurate, Automated

It all begins with the data: From any file, in any format, from any source – we've got it covered. Our cutting-edge data engines effortlessly handle a wide range of data inputs, from images to satellite data to sensor readings, unifying all crucial measurements throughout your business into one cohesive and user-friendly interface.








EV CHarging



Susneo Data

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SUSNEO Platform

Dashboard of the Susneo Platform

GeoCube A.I

Multi-Dimensional model of your business in its environment.

While data remains at the core, we now incorporate climate considerations to assess risks and driving factors. Furthermore, we harness this data to predict the most suitable green energy opportunities for your specific site.

Susneo GeoCube A.I
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Your Sustainability Compass

Incorporate a range of metrics in your S-Index, from direct business operations to broader supply chain, environmental, and community impacts. Adapt these metrics to align with your industry's scale, sustainability indexes like S&P, 500 and evolving industry and macroeconomic trends.

Susneo S-Index

Monitor your sustainability progress with the S-Index over time

Susneo S-Index Dashboard

Select the Sustainability metrics thats matter to your business and the weighting of each. Apply this at a group business or site level.

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